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The Phoenix Gun offers an array of both long term and instant benefits for everyone. Whether you’re a professional athlete, gym goer or office worker, you'll feel the changes from day one.  

Stimulates blood flow which assists in releasing built up lactic acid and accelerating recovery. 

When we exercise, lactic acid builds up in our muscles. Accumulation of blood lactate can result in delayed muscle recovery. The Phoenix Gun increases blood flow in the area applied, which assists in flushing out the lactic acid and accelerating recovery times. 


Speeds up muscle repair and reduces inflammation, providing relief from delayed onset muscle soreness. 

As a result of exercising you may find yourself stiff, sore and achy. Sore muscles are the result of micro-tears in the muscle fibres and the inflammation those tears cause. The Phoenix Gun assists in reducing the soreness by stimulating blood and lymph circulation, bringing newly oxygenated blood to those sore areas which decreases inflammation. Reducing inflammation will decrease both movement and touching pain. 


The Phoenix gun is natural stress reliever. Relaxing your muscles by releasing tension and knots.

By targeting problem areas with percussive therapy you can alleviate chronic pain without spending thousands of dollars and hours at physios and massage therapists. The Phoenix Gun also assists in breaking down scar tissue to aid injury recovery. 

Improve your mobility and flexibility within days of using the Phoenix Gun.

Flexibility and mobility is important to be able to live our day to day life comfortably. It's easy to skip stretching and get let your body get stiff. The Phoenix Gun is a cost and time effective way of relaxing and stretching your muscles.


Here are some common conditions that the Phoenix Gun can assist with: 

    • Instant release from muscle cramps and spasms 
    • Reduce back and neck pain 
    • Build strength in weakened joints like wrists, knees and ankles
    • Improve flexibility in joints using the forked head attachment 
    • Relieve tightness caused from repetitive movements such as text neck, carpel tunnel and general stiffness from sitting down all day 
    • Relieve pain associated with tendonitis, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis
    • Reduce inflammation causing shin splints 
    • Activate muscles such as glutes and hamstrings that may have trouble activating on their own